We would like to thank everyone who helped us with this! We where able to print over 1000 frames. This page now just serves as an archive.

Our healthcare workers and other essential employees are currently putting their lives on the line as the current COVID-19 pandemic ravages countries and communities around the world.
The Maker Community has come together to manufacture various types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to donate to local facilities. ​


3D Print PPE Supplies

If you have a 3D printer whose bed is 8×8 YOU CAN HELP!

Jim Hofmann of Newton HS Robotics has partnered with manufacturing companies in NJ to laser cut and assembled face shields and applying the elastic and padding.

All designs from the National Institute of Health.

COVID-19 Shield Frame

We will be printing the shield frames, which are then attached to the shields themselves.

Design and pictures courtesy of PPE Made in the USA

3D Printing Instructions


Click the button below and download BOTH files.  These are the .STL files you will need supply to your 3D Printer software


Click the form below and fill in the information. 
Please insure that the parent fills in the information.


Print as many as you are able.
Every single one helps.

3D Printer Settings:
10% Infill
Raft/Padded Base (NO Brims)
You can try Skirt Instead of Raft.
(This uses less material)
No Supports


Contact Mr. Tayler to let him know you are ready for a pickup.
You can email him at: mtayler@roxbury.org

Number of Sets Printed


NOTE: The covering over our 3D printer is to keep the heat in.  You do not need one to print out the PPE parts.