Meet the Roxbotix Executive Board

ashla coe

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Hello there! I’m Ashla Coe, a senior a Roxbury High School, currently in my third year as a member of FRC 4361 Roxbotix. In my role as the Chief Executive Officer, I seamlessly blend leadership prowesswith my passion for innovation. Additionaly, I specialize in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), where I bring intricate concepts to life through the art of digital modeling. My journey at Roxbury High School has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of knowledge within the dynamic realm of robotics.


CBO (Chief Business Officer)

Hello, I’m Sam. I am a junior at Roxbury High School, and I’m currently in my third year on the team, where I proudly serve as the Chief Business Officer for the second consecutive year. Beyond my role as CBO, I actively contribute to the Electrical team, channeling my passion for technology and innovation. Through my dedicated involvement, I aim to bring strategic leadership to the team while fostering collaboration and excellence in both business operations and technical endeavors.

James Ratigan

Chief Designer

My name is James Ratigan.  I am a junior who has been a member of this team since the summer before I was a freshman.  This year, I am the Chief Designer. My responsibility is to oversee all works relating to CAD and mechanics to ensure that all components are assembled together feasibly, and we don’t end up with a jumbled asinine mess of a robot.  With the success of the previous year in mind, I have nothing short of high hopes for our future.

Zuzanna zyskowski

Chief Electrical Engineer

Hello, I am Zuzanna, a Senior at Roxbury High School. In my third year with the team, I now serve as the Chief Electrical Engineer, bringing technical expertise and leadership to our projects. Previously, I held the role of Technician, contributing to the team’s success. Additionally, I am honored to have been nominated for the Dean’s List, highlighting my commitment to academic and leadership excellence. Thank you for your support.

Eric Gold

Chief Programmer

Bio coming soon.